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The visualization of a Wedding is diverse in many accords. From the perspective of a Wedding guest, it's a fun day to spend with your family and friends, to celebrate the beautiful union between two lucky individuals! From the point of view of a Wedding Coordinator, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, or cake bakery, it's a day which requires a large amount of intricate and detailed planning.

Finally, from the perspective of an entertainer / DJ, a Wedding is viewed as combining all of these special elements and then adding energy to the mix, creating and delivering a clean, organized, and dynamic professional production. We strive to make all of our Weddings special, exciting, and most of all, memorable. Working closely with the venue's staff and event coordinator (if available) we escalate the excitement and intricacy of your special day to keep you and your guests smiling.

For years, Jordan has assisted countless brides and grooms in planning their happy occasion, and then taking their Wedding to the next level!

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