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Defining the term "school" can refer to almost anything, as the word in many contexts and cultures refers to a place of formal education, where ambitious students receive their education in classrooms, lecture halls, amphitheaters and forums. Let's not forget that under the ocean, there are schools of fish swimming about (this would commonly be referred to as "recess!").

Schools are also excellent opportunities for students to form core social groups and share their aspirations with individuals like them selves, associating with them based on their common interests. Much like any other place of social bonding, students want to find a reason to take a break from from mind-bending tasks and let loose and party!

Rebirth Entertainment specializes in entertainment for all places of education, including colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and trade schools. Whether it's a high school prom, homecoming, grad-nite, morp, or an elementary school carnival, middle school dance, college social or student appreciation day for your private school, we will leave your students feeling hyped, energized, and party rocked!

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